Photonics Hub Symposium Freeform Optics: Design - Manufacturing - Application

Aufgrund der zahlreichen Reisebeschränkungen infolge der Coronavirus-Problematik haben wir uns entschlossen, das Symposium zu verschieben. Wir informieren Sie rechtzeitig über einen neuen Termin.


Freeform surfaces are gaining increasing importance in modern optical systems, with a high degree of design freedom with unique possibilities to combine different optical functions. The implementation of freeform optical surfaces enhances the performance in an optical system and offers miniaturized and more compact optics. Dependent on the application, one or more surfaces can be shaped as freeform surfaces which result in strong challenges over the entire value chain. Designs, materials, processes, and characterization methods need to be well aligned. While fabrication methods are nowadays capable of creating complex freeform elements once the processes are validated, the metrology of freeform surfaces in still in its infancy. The workshop brings together international design, material, and technology experts and provides an overview about the newest developments in the field to discuss them in a networking atmosphere.

Photonics Hub is organizing this Symposium in collaboration with Multiphoton Optics. You are invited to a company survey!

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