Photonics Hub Online Seminar: Basics of Measuring Techniques Part I

Basics of optical Instruments

Light can be used in many ways, as an information carrier in metrology, as a tool in material processing or as a data carrier in information technology. The advantage of using light is to realize non-contact measuring methods, i.e. non-destructive testing, which also works very fast for 2d or even 3d problems. Photonics Hub likes to launch an online seminar series regarding optical measurement techniques. We want to discuss how various optical instruments like interferometers or microscopes work for example to operate 3d surface measurements. Also you are not a specialist involved in developing or building measurement systems, to understand optical measurement systems ensures that you will be able to define the right system to meet your company’s current or future needs. To understand optical measuring systems work, we start with a brief introduction of the basics of optical instruments. The physical background as well as the mode of operation of the needed optical components will be explained in the first seminar, discussing the following topics:

Basics of optical Instruments:

  • The optical Image:
  • Principles of

The following Photonics Hub Online Seminars of this series will explain the technique of interferometry  as well as interferometer types and finally the state of the art of 3d-measument technologies.

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Our Photonics Hub Online Seminars adress all people, who cannot participate in our residential courses or want to benefit in participating from anywhere by internet.
Contentually this online seminar gives the participants a starting point to learn about the fundamental properties and basics of optics that allow the 3d measuring of surfaces.
You can participate this online seminar at any kind of knowledge stage after school and learn more about the basic knowledge of optics.

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Prof. Dr. Thomas Sure

At the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen - University of Applied Sciences Prof. Dr. Sure teaches and researches primarily on the field of Optical Measuring Technique an Optical Design. Prior to that he was head of the department for Optical Technology Development at Leica Microsystems CMS GmbH in Wetzlar.


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