Photonics Hub Online Seminar: Introduction to Laser Material Processing

This online seminar will give an overview on the basics in laser material processing.

Starting with physical basics regarding

  • forming of high power laser beams
  • energy conservation and laser material processing

different processes as

  • surface treatment and modification
  • cutting and drilling with laser beams
  • laser beam welding
  • additive manufacturing using laser beams

will be presented and discussed with respect to industrial applications.

The online seminar is oriented to different questions, like

  • Which are the process relevant parameters in laser material processing?
  • Which lasers are useful in different processes and applications?
  • What are the decisive factors in applying laser beams in real production?
  • Are there new trends in laser material processing?


The short course is addressed to potential users of laser material processes in industrial production and to persons responsible for innovation and new developments in industrial companies.

Termin und Veranstaltungsort




Prof. Dr. Klaus Behler

Prof. Dr. Klaus Behler is professor at the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen University of Applied Sciences in Friedberg.
Since 1998 he give lectures in laser technology, physics, systematic development and quality management.
In these areas of activity he has a lot of cooperation with industrial companies regarding application related process development, technical consulting or enhancement in innovation management. A lot of his students are successfully employed in different companies related to high power laser systems, laser beam diagnostics, laser beam manufacturing for different industrial branches or also to medical or clinical system technology.


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