Photonics Hub Online Seminar: PanDao - from Optics to Fabrication

There is a major, well-known problem in the optical industry. The interface between optical design and subsequent optical manufacturing is still today mainly based on interpersonal contacts. This is now supported by the novel data-based PanDao software tool.

PanDao is a cost and risk minimization software and the first of its kind.

  • enabling optic designers to optimize their designs for minimum fabrication cost, thus saving substantially
  • informing purchasing managers about the producibility of optical designs helping them to identify the optimal supplier. They receive information about (a) the best fabrication chain, (b) essential technologies needed and (c) fabrication cost level.

This webinar will present the applicability of PanDao for optimizing optical designs for producibility by presenting examples and capabilities as well as a live demo in the internet.


  • M.Tinner, O.Faehnle and I.Livshits, “PanDao fabrication cost impact analysis software tool for optical designers”, EOSAM20 conference on “Optical system design tolerancing an fabrication“, European Optical Society (EOS), September 2020,
  • I.Livshits and O.Faehnle, “Producibility analysis of a lens system during the optical design stage”, Scientific and Technical Journal of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics, ISSN 2500-0373, St. Petersburg, Russia, No.5, 2020,

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Dr. Oliver Fähnle

PanDao GmbH


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