Internationalization Project „OptInt“

Internationalization for joint innovations in photonics

Grant number: 03INT1701
Duration: 2018-2022

Aim of the project
The project "Internationalization for Joint Innovation in Photonics" funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) supports the establishment of sustainable international cooperation between partners from research, development, production and users in the field of photonics.
The participants should be supported in the use and further development of their potential, competences and cooperative capacity with the aim of improving the requirements of small and medium-sized enterprises for cross-border research projects and subsequent marketable innovations, thus creating the opportunity to develop new international business fields.

Research and development projects
As part of the three-year implementation phase (2020-2022), the BMBF funds 3 R&D projects with partners from the target regions of Finland and Lithuania. The following projects proposals are submitted for funding:

  • LOTU2S – Innovations in Laser Optic Technology for Ultraviolet Ultra-Short Pulsed Laser
  • FOSDIGUM – Fertigung komplexer optischer Systeme in einer digitalisierten Produktionsumgebung
  • FemtoBlack - Femtosecond laser sulfur hyperdoped black silicon for infrared photonic applications

Training and education
Training and further education programs of the target regions are evaluated and adapted for the cluster members and the training and further education program of the network is installed in coordination with the network managers in the target regions.

Workshops on Intercultural Competence and IPR
In the conception phase (2018-2019), events for intercultural competence in the target regions are offered to the cluster members.
Independently of the selected target regions a range of services on IP regulations will be set up for the cluster members as a service in the context of internationalization.